Eastern AOD Resources

Last updated Jun 10, 2020

Service Guide for New AOD Workers

State funded community based AOD services in the region are delivered by two consortia:

  • Eastern Consortium of Alcohol and Drugs Services (ECADS; auspice Turning Point), and
  • Substance Use Recovery (SURe: auspice EACH).

ECADS is a partnership between Turning Point, Access Health and Community, Inspiro, the Self-Help Addiction Resource Centre (SHARC) and SalvoCare East.

SURe consorium partners are EACH and Anglicare Victoria.

The following Guide outlines the agreements and resources developed in the areas of Care and Recovery Coordination and Information Sharing and Discharge Planning.

The OEPCP would like to acknowledge Access Health and Community, Anglicare, EACH, Inspiro, SalvoCare Eastern and Turning Point for their involvement.

AOD Services in the East

Care and Recovery Coordination


Discharge Planning

Discharge Planning

A set of principles have been developed in the region to facilitate effective client centered discharge planning and information sharing processes. These principles are to be used in conjunction with the DHHS AOD Program Guidelines.