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Collaboration Health Assessment Tool (CHAT)

The Collaboration Health Assessment Tool (CHAT) has been developed by the Centre for Social Impact (CSI) and Collaboration for Impact (CFI) as an online resource for organisations to assess the ‘health’ of their collaborative relationships.

It is an evidence-based tool that is interactive and user-friendly and can help collaborators understand how well they work together now, and in the future as their collaboration matures.

CHAT gives users the option of either interacting with the tool on a “one off” basis or by inviting their collaborators to take the survey together to compare results. Both options generate a series of component scores and an overall “health score” for a collaboration.

A series of three walk-through videos are also provided which covers:

  • registering and setting up the tool,
  • taking the CHAT survey and
  • viewing and interpreting the results.

Resource: Collaboration Health Assessment Tool (CHAT)