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My Peer Toolkit

My Peer Toolkit is a resource aimed at supporting agencies to implement and evaluate peer-based programs for young people using good practice guidelines.

Evaluation assists organisations to assess to what extent a project has achieved pre-determined objectives. In the longer term, evaluation also attempts to link a particular output or outcome directly to a program after a period of time has passed.

Monitoring and evaluation are fundamental aspects of good program management at all levels and can be effective tools to enhance project planning by:

  • Providing data on program progress and effectiveness;
  • Improving program management and decision-making;
  • Allowing accountability to stakeholders, including funders;
  • Providing data to plan future resource needs;
  • Providing evidence on effectiveness that could help to secure continued funding or additional funding for new initiatives that build on previous work; and
  • Providing data useful for policy-making and advocacy.

The toolkit also includes Evaluation Frameworks, Ethical Considerations, Indicators for Evaluation and Data Collection Methods.

Resource: My Peer Toolkit - Evaluation