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Bayswater Football Club

Building strong and connected communities is important for everyone. Local footy clubs provide an opportunity to bring people together, increase participation in sport, promote social connection and create a sense of belonging. Research tells us that all these elements protect children, young people and adults from social isolation, alcohol and other drug use and poor mental/physical health.

The 'Our Club': A Place for Everyone Initiative undertook a Club Engagement Survey in June 2020 to find out how Eastern Football Netball League (EFNL) clubs are keeping members, supporters and the community connected whilst football was on hold due to COVID-19 restrictions being in place.

Bayswater Football Club undertook a range of initiatives to keep their community connected including:

  • Weekly wellbeing check ins on Zoom and one to one catch ups with one of four club officials, both coaches, a captain and the football manager. This has been especially well received by the playing group.
  • A competition among the playing group to stay active, work in teams and to continue keeping in contact with everyone. Each group of four to five players upload their points each week to the seniors coach. Players could choose a variety of activities, each with different points, for example yoga is worth 5 points each time a player completes it.
  • A Player Wellbeing Manager supporting player's fitness by running a Zoom workout to all players and the club community.
  • Streaming weekly replays of significant games on Facebook so any supporter or playing group member can watch and comment on the game. A spokesperson from the Cub said "This has received a great response from the community and allowed for the connection to each other to continue along with the chance to watch football".

By sharing information through a range of channels including social media, emails and also reaching out to support players individually, the club found that all initiatives worked well and contributed to a culture that's inclusive and supportive for all.

The club is proud of its success in supporting the wellbeing of its players during a challenging time. This is reflected in the feedback received, how members feel about the club, the excitement in the shift of the approach the club is taking, and in the plans the club have moving forward.

Club website: Bayswater Football Club

Resource: 'Our Club': A Place for Everyone Initiative