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Community Houses Association of the Outer East (CHAOS)

Community Houses Association of the Outer Eastern Suburbs (CHAOS) supports the work of 30 Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres with their communities through linking, resourcing and advocating on behalf of their members.

CHAOS is currently operating a toll free line for people to ring and have a chat, be referred to local services for emergency relief and social connection. The line is operated by staff and volunteers from CHAOS member organisations and volunteers from the Open Door Leadership program.

The toll free line is not a crisis or therapeutic line, with the focus on social support.

CHAOS would like to reach more people who may be isolated at home without technology so if your organisation is able to distribute flyers, CHAOS can drop off multiple copies.

If you have a client who would like a regular online face to face call, CHAOS has a wonderful volunteer who is happy to undertake this.

Flyer: Outer East Phone Line

Website: Community Houses Association of the Outer East (CHAOS)

Contact: Maureen McConnell, CHAOS Networker, [email protected]