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Eastern Volunteers

Eastern Volunteers has been serving Eastern Melbourne communities for 40 years. They provide community transport services and a bus hire service for community organisations to assist them in the delivery of their client services.

Eastern Volunteers delivers services directly to the community through its own volunteers and encourages and supports volunteering in the community in a range of areas including aged care, environmental, sporting and community organisations.

In response to COVID-19, Eastern Volunteers remains committed to supporting the community and are working closely with local councils and other levels of government to support emergency response plans.

Eastern Volunteers are currently:

  • Providing essential transport to Medical and Health Appointments.
  • Supporting people who are self-isolating with delivery of grocery and pharmaceutical shopping, see flyer below. They can also provide assistance to organisations with transport restrictions and deliver to Aged Care Facilities and independent living environments.
  • Developed a volunteer bank to assist those that wish to make an impact in the community.
  • If your organisation has ceased operating and have staff available to volunteer, please email [email protected] or call 0419 092 155 to discuss the most appropriate redeployment for your team.

Website: Eastern Volunteers

Flyer: Shopping delivery program