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Together For Respect At Home - Social Media Campaign

The coronavirus pandemic presents new, unprecedented concerns and challenges for our community. EDVOS, the specialist family violence service in the Eastern Metropolitan Region has already seen an increase of family violence incidents and referrals as a result of COVID-19.

In response to this complex issue, local organisations in the Eastern Metropolitan Region of Melbourne have developed a social media campaign called Together for Respect at Home which aims to promote ways to stay safe, healthy, connected and respectful while at home. This campaign takes a collaborative and evidence-based approach to prevent violence against women during the pandemic through promoting respectful relationships and positive mental health and wellbeing strategies.

To support the implementation of the campaign, the Together for Respect at Home - Social Media Guide has been developed with all the relevant information to support organisations in promoting and sharing the campaign on their own social media platforms. The guide includes background information of the campaign, content for six posts and helpful tips to respond to backlash and resistance.

Organisations are encouraged to participate and promote this campaign through their organisations social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.).

To continue providing important messages around respectful relationships and safety, the campaign has also released translated materials in Mandarin, Cantonese, Hindi and Hakha chin. New resources include a video, posters with specialist family violence supports and services, social media tiles and an email banner.

You will find all the information you need to share these resources on the website below.

Webpage: Together for Respect at Home - Social Media Campaign