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NEPHU Population Health Catchment Planning Workshop Findings Report

The North Eastern Public Health Unit (NEPHU) is required by the Department of Health to develop a Population Health Catchment Plan by 30 June 2023. This plan will identify priorities for place-based primary and secondary prevention activity focused on preventable chronic disease and modifiable risk factors. As part of this process, NEPHU must identify two population health priorities for targeted collective effort in FY22-23.

During July to December 2022, NEPHU launched the first stage of the collaborative multi-sector stakeholder population health planning process to lay the foundations and evidence-base for developing a Population Health Promotion and Prevention Catchment Plan.

Stage 1 of this planning process consisted of four phases:

  1. Desktop review of the prevention landscape across the NEPHU catchment.
  2. Listening Lab Program comprising interviews with internal and external stakeholders to capture reflections, opportunities and expectations.
  3. Population Health Profile to generate a picture of the health and wellbeing needs and indicators of the NEPHU community.
  4. Multisector stakeholder workshop to generate recommendations for two shared priorities moving forward for collective impact.

The Reports for Stage 1 (Phase 1-3) can be accessed here

As part of Stage 1 (Phase 4) NEPHU delivered the online Population Health Catchment Planning Workshop on 15th December 2022. Fifty-four stakeholders participated in the workshop, representing 33 multi-sector organisations from across the NEPHU catchment.

Based on the workshop findings and Stage 1 (Phases 1-3) report, NEPHU will progress the planning process with a focus on the following four priority areas:

  1. Improving sexual and reproductive health
  2. Increasing active living
  3. Reducing harmful drug and alcohol use
  4. Increasing healthy eating.

Report: NEPHU Population Health Catchment Planning Workshop Findings Report

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