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Community Resilience In The Face Of Climate Change


Southern Grampians Glenelg Primary Care Partnership (SGGPCP)


Primary Care Partnerships (PCPs) are recognised as strong networks that bring health and community sectors together. PCPs can
play a major role to enhance resilience in the face of climate change.

Southern Grampians Glenelg PCP (SGGPCP) has been recognised as a leader in building the capacity of their partnership to enhance community resilience in the face of climate change. The PCP received funding to elevate the approach to a state-wide level, beginning with a trial with SGGPCP Partner agencies and stakeholders.


In May 2019 an enthusiastic group of SGGPCP Partners and Stakeholders came together to share their diverse knowledge and experience in a workshop to understand the impacts of climate change on the health and wellbeing of their community.

Using Group Model Building, the group created a map that represented the connections between the factors they identified resulting from climate change that impact health and wellbeing. To view an overview of the trial workshops:


A second workshop was held in June, with participants coming back together to review the systems map created in workshop
one. The group identified that the PCP is well placed to facilitate action based on learning and adapting (both individual learning and organisational learning) which would reduce the impact on individuals and services and reduce vulnerability.

This group discussed the value of creating a Discovery Plan (based on the Emergency Management Recovery Plan language) to understand and share stories of impacts and learning opportunities. Challenges around the gradual impact of climate change and the capacity of the community sector were highlighted.

Resource: Community Resilience in the face of Climate Change

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