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TFER CoP 30 March 2021

In 2020 TFER, in partnership with VicHealth, and supported by the OEPCP, engaged Common Cause Australia to conduct research to test responses of the Australian public to a suite of commonly used Gender Equality messages.

The aim was to identify the most effective way to create messages that increase public support for gender equality. The research findings have been collated into the Framing Gender Equality Message Guide that provides a series of guidelines and sample messages highlighting the most effective way to present gender equality messages.

Women’s Health East (WHE) held a Community of Practice for all TFER partners to share the research findings and consider the implications for practice, followed by a series of Masterclasses for practitioners in workplace and early years settings to learn how to use the framework.

Alongside the Community of Practice, Women's Health East ran a series of online masterclasses throughout 2021. These Masterclasses will be 2 x 3 hour sessions one week apart and are aimed to support practitioners to learn how to use the guide and develop their own effective messages for framing gender equality.

Website: Together For Equality & Respect

Contact: Kate Ravenscroft, PVAW Manager, Women's Health East

Email: [email protected]