Family Violence


Busting the Myths to Change the Story

The ‘Busting the Myths’ project is supported through a partnership between the Outer East Primary Care Partnership (OEPCP), Women's Health East, Women’s Health East Speaking Out Advocates Program & EDVOS.

The project captures in an 11 minute video the stories of seven women and their experience of men’s violence, exposing and challenging some of the most commonly held social myths about violence against women.

The experiences of these women clearly demonstrate how entrenched social structures and societal behaviours continue to fuel some of the most commonly held myths around men's violence against women and ensure that gender inequality plays out in ways that go largely unnoticed within society.

The Myths challenged in the video are:

  • Women are to blame for the violence;
  • The Legal system protects women against men's violence;
  • The media hold perpetrators to account and,
  • Family Violence is a private matter.

The original video is available to be used as a resource in training, education sessions or in presentations. Stage 2 of the project is now underway with plans for creation of shorter more topic specific videos. We welcome the use of this free resource however would appreciate if it was correctly referenced and the OEPCP were notified of its intended use. There was considerable footage captured during this project, if you have any ideas for how this resource could be used or would like to discuss an adapted topic specific version please contact below.

Proudly supporting Together for Equality and Respect Partnership (TFER)

Contact: Kylie Osborne, Outer East Primary Care Partnership

Email: [email protected]

Website: Busting the Myths to Change the Story

Video: Busting the Myths to Change the Story