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Gender Equity Resource Tub Project


Early Childhood Educators (ECE) are in unique position to promote gender equality and challenge harmful stereotypes through children’s play, language, toys and storytelling. EDVOS consulted with Knox early childhood services to find out what resources, activities and information services, Educators were needing to promote gender equity within their practice.

Eight Tubs have been developed and disseminated which include lesson plans, books, fact sheets, posters, puppets, playing cards and more all with the aim to promote gender equality and break down stereotypes.


In 2021, EDVOS and EACH partnered to develop 10 Gender Equity Resource Tubs for Early Childhood Services in Maroondah.

The tubs are filled with age appropriate resources for early childhood educators to use within their services to promote gender equality and respectful relationships with children and their families.

In consultation with early childhood educators, the tubs include; books, posters, activities, lessons plans, equipment, factsheets and a communication plan.

More Information/Book a Tub

For more information about this project or to book in a Gender Equity Tub for your Early Childhood service in Knox, Maroondah and Yarra Ranges:

Contact: Phoebe Anglim, Project Coordinator, EDVOS

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (03) 9259 4200

Gender Equity Resource Tubs