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Generating Equality and Respect (GEAR) Program

The Generating Equality and Respect (GEAR) program was a three year, prevention of violence against women program funded by VicHealth. It was a partnership between Monash City Council, Link Health and Community and VicHealth.

The program took place between 2012-2015 and aimed to prevent violence against women before it occurs by building communities, cultures and organisations that are gender equitable, and promote equal and respectful relationships between men and women through addressing the underlying drivers of violence against women.

What activities occurred?

  • Link Health and Community and Monash City Council underwent organisational culture change to promote respect and gender equality within the workplace. This was extended into the broader Monash community through the promotion of gender equity in their service delivery, policy, planning and practice.
  • Baby Makes 3, a program delivered through Maternal Child Health Services which promotes equal and respectful relationships between first time parents during the transition to parenthood. The program also built the capacity of Maternal and Child Health nurses to promote gender equity and father inclusion.
  • A local network, Monash Partners in Prevention Network, was established to support youth practitioners to deliver good practice respectful relationships education in their work with young people and promote gender equality through their programs and services.
  • Established a partnership with a local male dominated corporate workplace to support gender equality and respectful relationships through training and organisational cultural change.

Contact: Tracey Egan, Monash City Council

Email: [email protected]

Website: Generating Equality and Respect (GEAR) Program