Family Violence



Hope is a story book about a child experiencing family violence, in a way that is appropriate for children. The book aims to provide children living in family violence homes or recovering after experiencing family violence, with a sense of hope for the future and to lessen traumatic effects of their own living situations.

Hope is designed to be read with a trusted adult, and is an incredible resource especially for educators and health practitioners working with children, particularly children who are vulnerable.

Hope was developed to help provide a safe and supportive response when children disclose their experience of family violence. The key messages of the book are:

  • that children are never to blame for family violence
  • that accountability lies with the person who chooses to use violence, and
  • that there is always hope that things might change.

The book encourages children to discuss their concerns and worries about family violence with a trusted adult. The book includes resources (available to download on the Level Playground website) to help adults who are using this book to support children in their care including:

  • a worksheet,
  • safety plan and
  • discussion questions.

The book is available to purchase on the Level Playground website. All funds from the sale of the book will go back into Level Playground to continue their work of preventing violence and create a society where everyone lives free from violence - where every child grows up to be equally valued, heard and respected, and with equal access to opportunities.

Partners: Children's author and publisher Jayneen Sanders, Eastern Domestic Violence Service (EDVOS) and Anglicare Victoria.

Website: Level Playground

Contact: [email protected]