Family Violence


Matter of Respect

Matter of Respect is a primary prevention project to prevent family violence. Drawing on evidence from Change the Story, the project worked with the Karen and Falam Chin communities in Melbourne’s east to increase awareness of family violence and address the gendered drivers of violence against women.

Guided by community, Eastern Community Legal Centre (ECLC) worked closely with leaders from the Falam Chin and Karen communities to increase their understanding and knowledge of the gendered drivers of family violence. A co-design approach was also adopted to develop a range of culturally appropriate resources. Training on the prevention of violence against women (PVAW), family violence and co-design was provided to support community leaders to design a series of postcards and posters that challenge rigid gender stereotypes and identities - a gendered driver of family violence.

Using intersectional and trauma informed lens, community leaders explored how gender inequality was experienced directly by community members themselves. This process informed the development of resources that are culturally responsive and relevant to the communities’ needs and lives.

Matter of Respect also employed a bilingual project worker from each of the two communities. These workers supported the development of a series of 6 videos on family law and family violence, including one on the prevention of family violence. The video content was translated into both languages and separate videos were produced for each community in language.

Through a community led and co-design approach, all resources were produced in consultation with members of the communities and delivered in language. Matter of Respect has been able to address some of the key barriers which exist for many refugee communities’ in accessing legal support and information, and has created opportunities for the two communities to explore and better understand gender inequality and its impacts.

Organisation: Eastern Community Legal Centre

Resource: Videos

Resource: Postcards and Posters

Contact: Capella Henderson - Project Coordinator, Eastern Community Legal Centre