Family Violence


'(Re)shaping Respect - LGBTIQ young people talk healthy, equal relationships’ research report & ‘Step Up - Practice Guide’

Despite significant gaps in research and practice, both national and international evidence suggests LGBTIQ people experience intimate partner violence at a similar, if not higher rate to heterosexual, cisgender women.

The Voices for Equality and Respect project from Women's Health East was undertaken to better understand the dynamics of LGBTIQ young people’s relationships with intimate partners and family members, and the broader societal factors that influence these relationships.

The (Re)shaping Respect research report adds to the evidence base about what drives LGBTIQ family violence and the ‘Step Up’ Practice Guide provides practical solutions for change beyond leading heteronormative frameworks and narratives.

Resource: '(Re)shaping Respect - Research Report & ‘Step Up - Practice Guide’