Healthy Ageing


Knox Transitioning to Retirement Project

This pilot project and resulting resources focused on improving workability, transitioning to retirement and lifelong learning for older people in Knox. There were concerns raised that social isolation is often experienced by men post retirement and that their needs and gaps in this transition could be explored further.

The Pilot Project involved surveying of employees within manufacturing industries in Knox to collate qualitative data on current worker experience of workability, including transition to retirement options and lifelong learning opportunities.

As a result of this project, a Transition Toolkit for retirees and resources for employers were developed.

The toolkit aims to provide an overview of things to consider in the lead up to and transition into retirement. It is not advice and neither is it a detailed ‘how to’. Rather, the toolkit aims to alert people to considerations around relationships, health, activities, finances, housing, rights and legal, volunteering, education etc.

Organisations: Knox Council, Camatic Seating, Catten Industries, Dentons

Toolkit: Road to Retirement: A Transition Toolkit

Factsheet: Employee retirement: Business and human resource considerations