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Bunjils Mirring Nganga-djak Project

In partnership with the Australian College of Optometry (ACO), EACH offers free eye testing for the Aboriginal community in the Eastern suburbs. Uptake of these appointments has traditionally been low. Only 20% of all Indigenous adults who require glasses to correct Myopia (nearsightedness) have them, compared to 56% in the non-Indigenous community, and many Aboriginal Australians are unable to access prescription glasses.

To change this, EACH and the ACO developed the Bunjils Mirring Nganga-djak Project: Eye testing for the Aboriginal Community. The aim of the project is:

  • to increase the number of Aboriginal people who have had an eye examination, and
  • increase the knowledge of metropolitan Aboriginal community that eye tests are important for everyone.

Closing this gap will require a combination of strategies. EACH joined the Eastern Metropolitan Melbourne Aboriginal Eye Health Regional Stakeholder Group and utilised the Journey Tracks Cultural Health and Wellbeing program to bring optometry screening into schools. EACH then worked with Aboriginal students to produce posters promoting eye testing for the Aboriginal community, and developed a short film which launched at the ‘Healthy Mob Day'.

Data is currently being collected using the Victorian Aboriginal Spectacle Scheme and results look promising.

Resources: Bunjils Mirring Nganga-djak Project

Flyer: Eye Testing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Video 1: Bunjils Mirring Nganga-djak Project

Video 2: EACH Optometry Clinic

The videos are available to be used by any organisation or individual wanting to promote eye testing amongst the Aboriginal community. If you are having trouble accessing the videos, please contact Liz or Vanessa on the email below.

These posters are available for download to be used by anyone wanting to promote Aboriginal eye health. If you are having trouble downloading the posters, please contact Liz or Vanessa on the email below.

Contact: Vanessa Murdoch, Aboriginal Health Promotion Officer, EACH, [email protected]

Contact: Liz Senior, Senior Health Promotion Officer, EACH, [email protected]