Healthy Eating & Active Living


Crunch & Munch an Awesome Lunch

Crunch & Munch an Awesome Lunch was created in 2014 and modelled on the Health Promoting Schools Framework.

The program sought to:

  • promote a positive food culture,
  • increase knowledge of healthy foods, and
  • discourage packaged foods high in fat, salt and sugar.

The program took a whole-of-school approach including students, their parents and staff. It was introduced to eight schools and implemented in four schools and one community centre by Eastern Health and two additional schools through a partnership with Inspiro. Six schools and one community centre providing after school care fully implemented the program.

Crunch & Munch provided a range of resources and mentoring from a health promotion officer to foster a healthy eating culture within schools including:

  • lunch box pre and post audits
  • social marketing, and
  • class lessons.

A complete list of activities can be found in the evaluation report.

The program had a significant impact on schools with regard to creating a positive healthy eating culture and supportive environment for healthy choices which was evident at all sites. There was a notable increase in school gardens and kitchen cooking activities, all of which were provided resources and expertise via the program.

Organisation: Eastern Health - Health Promotion

Report: Crunch & Munch an Awesome Lunch Evaluation