Mental Health


International Students & Inclusion Partnership

The Inner East Primary Care Partnership (IEPCP) initiated a project aimed at broadening community-based support for international students through a partnership in Melbourne's Inner East Region.

International students face multiple challenges that can place them at a higher risk of psychological distress and social isolation such as:

  • Acculturation stress
  • Living independently for the first time
  • Financial vulnerability
  • Lack of social networks
  • Adapting to a new learning environment
  • Employment exploitation and discrimination
  • Barriers to accessing health and wellbeing support services.

To address these factors, it was recognised that a whole of community response was needed. Therefore the project established a regional partnership bringing together the higher education sector, public health services, community service organisations and Victorian Government representatives to work collaboratively to identify ways to promote and support the health and wellbeing, and social inclusion, of international students.

The Partnership provided a platform for stakeholders to identify issues of mutual concern, and share service and support information. In December 2020, the IEPCP hosted an online forum delivered by members of the Partnership called Leaving No-One Out: International Students and Inclusion.

Resources & Forum Recording: IEPCP - International Students & Inclusion Partnership