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Stable Housing Pilot Project

The Stable Housing Pilot Project intervenes in homelessness before it occurs. Access Health and Community developed a world first screening tool which identifies homelessness early. The tool is supported by resources for clients and care providers alike and connected by tailored referral pathways, training and support for referrers.

The Pilot

The project was piloted in the cities of Boroondara, Manningham and Yarra. Access Health and Community aimed to work with 8-12 varied community agencies to be involved in the pilot. Agencies will be provided with training sessions for their staff on identifying homelessness and using the At-Risk Tool. The tool will also be available online to aid referral.

On identifying a client at risk of homelessness, agencies can forward the At-Risk of Homelessness Tool to Homeless Service Agencies (HSA) who will contact the client and take action to maintain them in stable, sustainable housing. HSA will record the referral, its appropriateness and any action taken. Access Health and Community will maintain regular contact with pilot sites and HSA throughout the pilot to provide support and trouble shoot any issues.


The project has three key performance measures:

  • The number of participating agencies identified to take part
  • A progressive uptake and use of the At-Risk Tool for referrals by clinicians to HSAs over the pilot period
  • That 70% of referrals received by HSAs are appropriate.

Long term outcome

This project is designed to demonstrate the value of identifying and addressing homelessness before it occurs. The results of the pilot will be communicated through the health and social services sector using academic and industry publications, conferences and network meetings. The ultimate aim is to see that the use of the At-Risk Tool becomes common practice within health and social service agencies across Victoria.

Dates: December 2017 - March 2019

Contacts: Angela Vidic or David Towl, Access Health and Community

Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Website: Stable Housing Pilot Project