Oral Health


Eastern Metropolitan Region Oral Health Network (EMROHN)

The Eastern Metropolitan Region Oral Health Network (EMROHN) was established in 2011 and aims to implement strategies that influence regionally. The Agencies involved include The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV), Inspiro, EACH, Access Health and Community, Link Health and Carrington Health.

The services across the Eastern Metropolitan Region (EMR) have worked together to develop a whole of region EMR Integrated Oral Health Plan 2017-2020. The key objectives of the EMR Integrated Oral Health Plan include:

  • Identify opportunities to share and collaborate across the region.
  • Improve access for high needs clients.
  • Develop a shared and common practise across the EMR for medically compromised groups needing oral health treatment as part of their ongoing treatment.
  • Develop easy pathways for referring across agencies.
  • Work in Partnership with agencies to improve knowledge of breadth of services available to clients across the region.
  • Link in with broader planning across sub-regions to raise the profile of oral health and identify opportunities for oral health promotion with specific groups.
  • Develop and maintain a workforce across the EMR that prides itself in delivering excellent clinical care in accordance with evidence based best practice.

Resource: EMR Integrated Oral Health Plan 2017-2020

Contact: Diana Roggenbucke, Project Manager, EMROHN

Email: [email protected]