Preventing Alcohol Harms


Our Club: A Place for Everyone

The ‘Our Club’ campaign is a club strengthening initiative for Eastern Football League clubs. Building strong and connected communities is important for everyone. Local footy clubs provide an opportunity to bring people together, increase participation in sport, promote social connection and create a sense of belonging.

Local footy clubs provide a place where people of all ages get together to meet their mates, play sport and cheer on their team! Sometimes, there are people who may not feel included or welcomed in these environments. There may be excessive drinking or poor language, very few women present or perhaps there is a lack of diversity evident in the crowd.

Returning to the club in 2021 may be difficult for some people. Things have changed which can affect mental health, personal identity, and feelings of belonging.

The ‘Our Club’ project hopes to start a conversation with football club committees, volunteers and supporters that gets them thinking about:

  • How to create a welcoming environment for all
  • Who is not in the crowd
  • How boundary behaviour might look to an outsider
  • How to support each other
  • How to serve alcohol responsibly
  • How to start conversations to to support everyone’s wellbeing.

All Eastern EFNL clubs are encouraged to get on board and be involved in this project by hanging the custom team colour boundary banner, displaying the campaign posters around the club rooms and sharing the media tiles on their club social media through the season. For more information and to register your club, see link below.

By displaying these positive images and messages we are reinforcing to our community that clubs are important and are a place for all people to come and feel safe, welcomed and included. Strong clubs build not only strong football teams, but strong and healthy communities.

Local councils and community health organisations can also help promote the messages on their social media by downloading the communication guide via the link below.

Website: Our Club: A Place for Everyone