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How to become a Menopause friendly workplace

Women’s Health East has developed a resource called How to become a Menopause friendly workplace. This is a free resource for Australian workplaces and is intended for managers and HR professionals of any gender, and workers undergoing perimenopause or menopause.

Menopause will be experienced by almost 50% of the population, however there is relatively low awareness and understanding of this topic. Workplaces can provide an important setting in which to support employees through the menopausal transition.

Menopause is rarely talked about within wider society, due in large part to the stigma and taboo surrounding it. As a result, menopause remains relatively undiscussed in workplaces, not even featured within conversations about employee health and wellbeing.

This resource can assist organisations to better support individuals experiencing perimenopause or menopause. It provides information and practical resources to support staff experiencing menopausal symptoms at work and helps managers and HR professionals understand how they can provide the right support to their workforce.

The resource includes:

  • information on menopause
  • why this is a workplace issue
  • practical tools and strategies
  • a policy template, and
  • links and references to best practice resources in Australia and beyond.

The resource aims to assist workplaces to create an environment where everyone enjoys equal opportunity to achieve their best at work regardless of age, gender, or experience of menopause.

Organisation: Women's Health East

Resource: How to become a Menopause friendly workplace