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Partnership Capability Framework

The Partnership Capability Framework has been developed collectively by Primary Care Partnerships (PCPs) across Victoria.

It reflects the practice, experience, lessons and wisdom of PCP staff and partners designing, implementing and evaluating place-based initiatives across metropolitan and regional Victoria.

The framework outlines six key capabilities and their associated behaviours and skills found in collaborative partnerships:

  1. Think Strategically, Shape the Future
  2. Engage People to Build & Sustain Collaborative Relationships
  3. Show Courage, Resilience & Adaptability
  4. Design the Way Forward & Communicate the Direction
  5. Mobilise Resources, Knowledge & Skills
  6. Measure, Evaluate & Promote Outcomes

Each capability includes a case study detailing the important work carried out by PCPs and their partner organisations in their local communities.

The framework is relevant for any individuals and organisations that are creating or supporting collaborative partnerships to improve community health and wellbeing outcomes.

Organisation: Victorian Primary Care Partnerships

Resource: Partnership Capability Framework: Creating Transformational Partnerships to Improve Community Health and Wellbeing