Shared Knowledge for Community Wellbeing

The Well has been developed to provide you with comprehensive, evidence-based information, resources and local wisdom about a range of different health and wellbeing topics relevant to the Eastern Metropolitan Region. Over time we have heard repeated pleas for:

  • a common language and understanding around different health and wellbeing topics,
  • access to knowledge about what is happening locally,
  • a place to share wisdom and expertise and
  • a way to connect with others interested in the same topic.

These insights have brought us to where we are today. The Learn, Plan, Share and Connect scaffolding upon which The Well is now built provides us with the infrastructure we need to respond to these pleas. Ultimately, it’s about bringing people together to achieve better health outcomes for the local community.

Our Vision: To grow The Well as the go-to source for a wealth of reliable, contemporary information, local experience and wisdom, contacts and connections for a range of current health and wellbeing topics.

Our Promise: To keep The Well professional, fresh and informative. To encourage collaboration and sharing of local wisdom and expertise and to keeping The Well Community informed, engaged and involved.

Who is The Well for?

The Well has been created for people working in service delivery, project development and health promotion in the Eastern Region, who are keen to work in partnership with others to address some of the most challenging health and social issues we face today.

It gives us a shared way of thinking about the issue we are trying to address, access to contemporary literature and evidence, and knowledge about what is happening locally and other local expertise in our area of interest. It also helps us to see how our work is part of a collective impact in responding to local health or social issues and how it links into the broader state agenda.

We're stronger together than apart.

Our Values

We want you to feel you can rely on The Well. To be stimulated by the information you discover there, and to be motivated by it culture of generosity and collaboration.





How to use The Well

There are a number of ways you can work with The Well. We encourage you to jump in, look around and find the elements that are most relevant for you. Within each of the topics, you will be able to:


Gather information and research from our analysis of the contemporary evidence base. Our research is up-to-date and academically reviewed.


Be inspired by our useful resources and tools to help you put theory into practice. Plan your activities, projects and programs with the help of our curated resources.


Discover what’s happening locally and share your expertise. Publish your activities and programs to share your wisdom!


Collaborate and network with others in the region to stay active, current and up-to-date. Join in and be a part of The Well community.

Still not sure? Let’s dive in together!

Let’s pretend you’re a health promotion officer trying to plan a prevention of violence against women project...


To begin, you want to gather information and research about the topic of prevention of violence against women. You’ll head to the Learn section of our Family Violence portal to read through our analysis of the contemporary evidence base, reviewed by academic experts.

Here you’ll find information on the history, prevalence, policy context, determinants and risk factors of family violence; along with detailed information on interventions to prevent violence against women. This academically-reviewed evidence analysis has given you all the information you need, and now you’re ready to…


You’ll then navigate to the Plan section of our Family Violence portal to be inspired by our useful resources and tools. Here you’ll find a range of general and topic-specific resources including strategies and planning frameworks, assessments, tool kits, interesting websites, questionnaires, project plan templates and anything in between. Some provided by The Well, and some uploaded by The Well community.

Now that you’ve gathered the evidence and research, and downloaded the resources you need to help you put theory into practice, you’ll want to know what’s already happening locally…


To see what else is being done relevant to your prevention of violence against women project, you’ll head to the Share section of our Family Violence portal. You’ll explore past, present and future programs, projects, research, resources and anything else that has been done by or for the Eastern Metropolitan Region community.

You’ll also return to the Share section to share your expertise and wisdom once you’ve implemented your project.

Now you’re ready to go!


You can collaborate and network with others in the region to stay active, current and up-to-date. Get in contact with others working on the topic of prevention of violence against women by visiting the Connect section. You can also join in and be a part of The Well community through our mailing list.

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