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Wilder Collaboration Factors Inventory: Online collaboration assessment

The Wilder Collaboration Factors Inventory from Wilder Research is a free online tool to assess the effectiveness of partnerships.

This tool will help you assess how your collaboration is doing on 22 research tested success factors and takes about 15 minutes to complete. You can distribute the inventory to leaders within your collective, during a general meeting or via email to all members and then tally your score manually or online.

You will be able to log-in to view factor scores as well as item averages and open ended responses for your group's completed inventories. Forms are entered into the tool anonymously, so you will not be able to track or identify respondents, view individual responses, or view summaries by respondent organisation.

This tool has been used by the OEPCP and its partners.

Website: Wilder Research

Tool: Wilder Collaboration Factors Inventory