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NEPHU Population Health Catchment Planning Research Reports

The Public Health Integrated Planning and Programs (PHIPP) team is very excited to release their first report as part of the population health planning process.

All LPHUs are required by the Department of Health to develop a Population Health Catchment Plan by the end of June 2023. This plan will identify priorities for place-based primary and secondary prevention activity focused on preventable chronic disease and modifiable risk factors. As part of this process, NEPHU must identify two population health priorities for targeted collective effort in FY22-23.

To do this, the PHIPP team has designed a collaborative, multi-stage population health planning process. This report contains the findings from Stage 1, Phases 1 - 3 of this process, which included:

  1. A desktop review of the current prevention landscape - over 30 policy documents, strategies and plans were reviewed and mapped.
  2. A region-wide stakeholder consultation - our Listening Lab Program, which included 14 internal interviews as well as 36 external interviews and 29 survey responses from 40 different organisations.
  3. The development of a Population Health Profile and gap analysis which draws upon key demographic, environmental, and health indicators to form a picture of the health and wellbeing of the NEPHU community.

After analysis of all these inputs, we now know:

  • We have aligned priorities across stakeholders and an enabling policy environment
  • There is an appetite for collaborative action
  • A potential role for NEPHU is emerging
  • Regional coordination with a local approach tailored to communities will be essential.

NEPHU has seven priority areas from which to select two areas of focus for the next six months:

  • Increasing active living
  • Increasing healthy eating
  • Reducing preventable chronic disease
  • Reducing harm from alcohol and drug use
  • Improving sexual and reproductive health
  • Reducing tobacco related harm
  • Reducing injury in the community.

Other areas are well led through other agencies, more difficult to achieve outcomes over a short period of time or were not as well aligned to the NEPHU focus on chronic disease and modifiable risk factors. We will look to integrate co-benefits across other areas as much as possible.

A workshop with more than 50 participants was held on 15 December 2022 to collaboratively review the seven identified priority areas and select the top four for further evaluation – this begins stage 2 of the population health planning process.

Report: NEPHU Population Health Catchment Planning - Stage 1 Report: Phases 1-3

Report Appendices: NEPHU Population Health Catchment Planning (Appendices) - Stage 1 Report: Phases 1-3

If you have any questions regarding the report please email: