Gender Equality & Preventing Family Violence


Together For Equality & Respect (TFER) Partnership - Update 2023

The Together For Equality & Respect (TFER) Partnership has been working collectively across the Eastern Region for over 12 years to address the drivers of violence against women. TFER are excited to announce a new platform for sharing their latest Partnership Action Plan the: TFER Online Action Plan.

This Action Plan takes a new approach for the 2021-2025 strategy period. It shares the many prevention of violence against women initiatives delivered by TFER partners in Melbourne’s eastern region.

This digital, publicly available document is easily updated in real-time as projects commence, evolve and conclude.

Regional oversight and planning are strengthened by the TFER Action Plan search function, which allows organisations and practitioners from across the region to connect and understand what initiatives are occurring across local government areas, priority populations and settings.

Excitingly, the partnership currently has over 85 primary prevention of violence against women activities logged through the Action Plan! At this early stage of gathering activities and data, we can see the following trends emerging:

  • The most prominent primary prevention activity type is ‘training or workshop’ followed by ‘tool or resource’ and ‘events’.
  • The most prominent setting where activities are undertaken is ‘whole of population’, followed by ‘health and community’, ‘early childhood education and care’ and ‘internal gender equality’.
  • The most prominent target population group is ‘whole of population’, followed by ‘women’, ‘whole of organisation’ and ‘migrant and refugee communities’.

The TFER Action Plan is an opportunity for all of the organisations in the East who are working in the space of prevention of violence against women to showcase the work they are doing together.

TFER encourages everyone involved with primary prevention of violence against women or gender equality work in Melbourne’s east to explore the Online Action Plan and consider sharing your activities. You can find instructions on how to enter your activities on the website below.

If you would like to be a part of the Partnership, interested in finding out more, receiving a monthly E-newsletter or contributing activities to the TFER Online Action Plan, contact Catherine D’Arcy, Manager, Prevention of Violence Against women at Women’s Health East: [email protected]

If you have any questions relating to the Online Action Plan, how you can make use of this information, or any opportunities for collaboration, please reach out to Georgia Bennett at Women’s Health East: [email protected]

Resource: Online Action Plan

TFER Strategy: Preventing Violence Against Women in Melbourne’s East 2021-2025