Gender Equality & Preventing Family Violence


Level Playgroup Facilitators Guide

Level Playground and FVREE have developed a resource to guide playgroups in promoting gender equality and challenging gender stereotypes in a developmentally appropriate way.

The resource supports playgroups to understand:

  • why gender equality and breaking down gender stereotypes is so important,
  • why playgroups are the perfect environment to implement strategies, and
  • offers practical tips and ideas about how to make it happen.
“This is the best example I have seen for explaining the reason we want gender equality for our children through play and providing quality practical ideas to embed within your practice.” - Nancylee Merzel, Playgroup Victoria

Resource: Level Playgroup Facilitators Guide

If you’re a playgroup facilitator looking for some support in implementing the strategies in the resource guide, get in touch with the Level Playground team at: