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Framing Age Message Guide

This message guide contains recommendations to help you talk about age, ageing, and issues that affect older people in ways that reduce ageist attitudes and behaviours.

It is based on national message research undertaken by Common Cause Australia on behalf of a consortium led by the former Southern Melbourne Primary Care Partnership.

The purpose of the research was the primary prevention of abuse against older people, of which ageism is a key driver. However, the insights gained through the research and the recommendations contained in this guide are applicable to anyone interested in reducing ageism more broadly in our society.

If we are to create a society that respects, values and celebrates everyone regardless of age, we must begin by thinking and talking differently about people as we grow older. We hope this message guide takes all of us one big step further in that direction.

The Guide contains:

  • Six ‘Top Tips for Messaging’
  • Practical ‘before’ and ‘after’ examples
  • Details on how to structure a persuasive story
  • Plus a handy ‘cheat sheet’ with all the most important information.

Report: Framing age message guide

Summary: Framing age message guide

Launch Video: Framing age message guide