Healthy Ageing


Boroondara Over 55’s Interviews and Personas

The City of Boroondara gained a deeper understanding of the experiences, aspirations, needs and motivations of people aged 55 years and over in Boroondara by conducting 25 in-depth interviews with residents aged between 57 and 96 years.

Three distinct ‘personas’ emerged from the interviews:

  • Very active stage of life where people are playing a support role to the other people in their lives;
  • Preparing for older age transitioning where people are still active but things are slowing down; and
  • Experiencing a number of limitations, where people are reflective and living each day as it comes.

Council can now tailor it's services and programs to suit these different personas.

Organisation: City of Boroondara

Resource: Add life to your years: Healthy Ageing in Boroondara

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