Healthy Ageing


Maroondah City Council's PRISM project - Digital stories of older Maroondah residents

Maroondah City Council launched the PRISM project, a collective spectrum of digital stories of older Maroondah residents. The series of videos aim to highlight the positive contribution older people bring to our community and to combat ageism by re-shaping the narrative, beliefs and attitudes towards older people.

By sharing the stories of local community members, the council can build empathy and understanding of the important role they play in our society and in turn combat the stereotypes of ageing. The videos also put a face to the many older residents in Maroondah who keep the heart of the community beating through their volunteer efforts.

Council engaged Humankind Enterprises, who has significant experience in strategic storytelling and social connection with older people. To deliver the project, council partnered with three local community groups, Maroondah Voice, Ringwood Movie Makers and University of the Third Age (U3A) Croydon. Volunteers from each group were trained by Humankind Enterprises. The trained volunteers will ensure sustainability of the project by using the skills acquired to create additional video stories of other older Maroondah residents.

COVID-19 has not deterred the volunteers' enthusiasm, with recent interviews being undertaken via video conferencing. The goal is to develop a total of 16 videos featuring older Maroondah volunteers over the next 12 months.

Video 1: 46 years in Maroondah, Barbara's story

Video 2: Air Force veteran helps builds men shed community

Video 3: Avid gardeners try their hand teaching tech to seniors

Video 4: Greek expat calls Maroondah home

Video 5: Volunteering helps Philip find a new sense of purpose

Video 6: Maroondah local thrives in retirement

Video 7: Jane Monk loves Maroondah and being part of the community

Video 8: Chess Grandmaster calls Maroondah home

Video 9: Maroondah local's passions - dressmaking and tennis!

Video 10: Active retiree explores Maroondah and beyond