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Yarra Ranges Food Connections

The Community told us they wanted to be more connected, have better access, knowledge and awareness of the local food projects and programs including farms and community gardens.

Yarra Ranges Food Connections is helping to create a more resilient, sustainable, and healthy food system for the local community. The Group aims to support the community to be more connected to local food projects, resources and produce, and leading to a better understanding of a food system.

The Group developed a video to help introduce and explain what a food system is, and what a healthy and sustainable food system could look like. They used the video in community and stakeholder consultations asking what changes they wanted to see in the existing local food system. This led the Group to run a forum and the development of a website which highlights:

  • local initiatives
  • mapping resources
  • detailing events, and
  • creating connections.

An active and vibrant partnership including Yarra Ranges Council, Department of Health, local health services, community members and a well-resourced backbone have helped establish and continue activities. The Groups efforts are in line with plans at local and state level, and supports local projects such as Gardens for Harvest, community gardens and other community groups by having a website base to complement their social media platforms.

Website: Yarra Ranges Food Connections

Video: What is a Food System?