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Supporting Healthy Eating in Residential Services

The EACH Prevention and Population Health Team (PPHT) are working with six Supported Residential Services (SRSs) in Maroondah and Knox on a project called ‘Supporting Healthy Eating in Residential Services’.

The aim of the project is to improve the residents access to the five food groups in their meals and snacks.

SRSs are privately operated businesses that provide accommodation and support for Victorians who are living on statutory incomes and need help with everyday activities. These SRSs support a diverse mix of residents including older and younger people.

The first workshop featured quick, easy and nutritious breakfast ideas and offered proprietors and cooks hands-on experience in creating and tasting healthy food. The PPHT also visited participating SRSs, providing opportunities for residents to ‘taste-test’ the breakfast items. The food was positively received, with 40 residents from five SRSs enjoying the healthy options. The breakfast smoothies were the most popular.

Key Outcomes and Learnings:

  • Residents are willing to try new breakfast food.
  • Constraints in providing healthy food include cost, time and staffing issues.
  • Relationships are important.
  • SRS proprietors and cooks are interested in upskilling to provide healthy food options for residents.

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Recipe: Weetbix Breakfast Smoothie (source: