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Housing and Homelessness Network – Boroondara and Manningham (HHN – B&M)

The Housing and Homelessness Network – Boroondara and Manningham (HHN – B&M) is a regular stakeholder forum of agencies and consumer representation in Boroondara and Manningham. It acts as a platform in influencing change for people’s experiences on housing and homelessness. The group was established in early February 2015.

It exists to:

  • Share resources and information on housing and homelessness issues in the Cities of Boroondara and Manningham.
  • Advocate on issues of homelessness, rooming houses and social housing.
  • Collaboratively work on projects and provide advice on issues related to housing and homelessness in Boroondara and Manningham.
  • Provide an opportunity for local organisations to support one another, as well as supporting those workers who deliver work in isolation.


The HHN – B&M will be made up of workers who are involved in prevention and direct program and/or service delivery in the cities of Boroondara and Manningham within the housing and homeless sector. Consumer representation from Council to Homeless Persons Peer Education Support Program (CHP PESP) forms a vital part of network membership.

Organisations: Access Health and Community, City of Boroondara, Manningham City Council

Dates: February 2015 - ongoing

Contact: Angela Vidic - Access Health and Community