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Engaging Men and Boys in Melbourne's Outer East

The Eastern Health - Health Promotion Team have engaged in strategies and projects with a particular focus on engaging with men and boys for the prevention of violence against women (PVAW).

The work focused on five strategies:

  1. Engage men to challenge condoning of violence against women.
  2. Promote healthier masculinities in boys and teenagers.
  3. Engage men in key community settings to promote healthier masculinities.
  4. Build capacity to engage men and promote healthier masculinity in the PVAW sector.
  5. Reorientate services and settings to increase father engagement to promote respectful relationships and challenge gender stereotypes.

The projects and strategies included:

  • Leading the Change - Equality is the game sessions
  • Supporting the Rights, Resilience and Respectful Relationships Framework at Schools
  • Promoting Healthy Masculinities in the East for PVAW - Steering Group
  • Communities of Practice presentations
  • Development of Engaging with Resistance Guide
  • Father engagement in the Child and Family Team.

Refer to the resources below for detailed information about each of these projects and strategies.

Report: Engaging Men and Boys in Melbourne's Outer East

Summary: Engaging Men and Boys in Melbourne's Outer East

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