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Opening Doors Inner East & Outer East

Opening Doors is a community leadership program for people who are passionate about making a difference in Melbourne's Inner and Outer Eastern Regions.

Opening Doors commenced in 2009 in the Inner East and expanded to the Outer East in 2019. The program works with people from all ages, backgrounds and abilities to reduce social isolation and work towards a more socially inclusive society.

The program supports participants to develop grass roots projects which celebrate the strengths and passions of their community. With a network of more than 250 community leaders working to foster inclusion and community connection, the program has connected an estimated 100,000 people with their communities in new and positive ways.

The impact of Opening Doors was explored in a recently published chapter in the book Sustaining Social Inclusion by Beth R. Crisp and Ann Taket. It highlighted the program as a highly effective model for Sustaining Social Inclusion, both in a local and global context.

Thank you to the team at Opening Doors who have generously shared this book chapter with The Well community .

Webpage: Opening Doors

Book Chapter: Opening Doors: Creating and sustaining community leadership for promoting social inclusion

Contact: Alex Mills, Program Coordinator, Link Health & Community

Email: [email protected]