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Keeping Kids Smiling program was developed in response to the National Oral Health Plan for 2004-2013 which describes the urgent need for improving community based dental services for children in Australia.

Staff members from Link Health and Community visit kindergartens to provide a dental checkup and lots of fun activities related to oral health for children to participate in.

Parents are encouraged to attend on the day of the visit, where there are opportunities for parents to discuss any oral health concerns and a short presentation.

Children are involved in activities relating to teeth, diet and healthy eating. Each child is provided with a toothbrush on the day and with assistance by our staff members, will be guided on how to brush and take care of their teeth.

A dental checkup will take place in a child friendly environment where children gain confidence by observing their friends’ experience. Clinicians will record any cavities, signs of gum disease, or other oral health problems.

When the examinations are finished, each child will be given a letter to take home to their parent advising the findings and the recommended care. If the post exam letter indicates that the child requires further dental treatment, parents can contact Link Health and Community to arrange an appointment.

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