Health Literacy


Evaluating the Ripple Effect - Health Literacy Projects

From 2013 the Centre for Culture, Ethnicity & Health (CEH), HealthWest Partnership (HWP) and cohealth have invested in a project designed to build health literacy capacity through a systems response to redress health disparities.

The Health Literacy Project initiatives have included: three health literacy training courses, senior executive sponsors workshops, health literacy Community of Practice (CoP) and public forums for health professionals working in HWP member agencies in the western metropolitan region of Melbourne.

CEH, HWP and cohealth committed and invested in commissioning The University of Melbourne to evaluate the extent to which the health literacy project initiatives were creating a ripple effect within four organisations.

A series of three evaluation reports have been developed that examine different aspects of the project and are a must read for people who want to understand the drivers, enablers and barriers to creating health literacy change within organisations:

Authors: Dr. Lucio Naccarella, Gail O'Donnell, Joanne Richardson, Bernice Murphy

Resource: Evaluating the Ripple Effect - Health Literacy Projects