Health Literacy


Bridging the digital divide project

The aim of this project is to advance the understanding of eHealth literacy needs of clients so we can build better eHealth interventions that are user friendly and effective for all members of the community.

This project is being undertaken by Christina Cheng as part of a PhD research program from the Health Systems Improvement Unit, a World Health Organization Collaboration Centre for Health Literacy located at Deakin University. Carrington Health is one of the three partner organisations of this project.

The project consists of two phases. The first phase involves collecting data to examine the properties of a new questionnaire, the eHealth Literacy Questionnaire, which was developed by Deakin and Danish researchers. The study will explore eHealth literacy profiles of the clients of Carrington Health, i.e., it will explore patterns of strengths and weaknesses regarding people’s ability to find, understand and use digital health information and services. The second phase will apply the Ophelia (OPtimise HEalth Literacy and Access) process to uncover how Carrington Health can best serve the eHealth needs of clients.

By working with community members and other stakeholders, the project will develop ideas and co-design fit-for-purpose eHealth interventions to create equal access and use of eHealth interventions.

Organisations: Carrington Health, Deakin University

Contact: Professor Richard Osborne, Deakin University, Health Systems Improvement Unit, School of Health and Social Development, Centre For Population Health Research, Faculty of Health